We install new refractory linings in accordance with the existing project documentation. In case that you do not have the documentation, you may leave it to us to implement the entire project design. We assess the current state in a professional manner, remove the damaged parts of the linings and install new refractory materials. We draw up a heating diagram for sintering and drying newly installed refractory materials. By thermografically inspecting the plant during its operation we are able to uncover defects on the linings and thus intervene in time. A proper rehabilitation prevents extensive damage from occurring on the linings and consequently on the plant too. During the installation and maintenance of refractory materials we also carry out locksmith and welding works, for which we have professionally trained and certified personnel.

We operate in the following sectors:

‣ iron/steel industry
‣ construction material industry (cement plants, lime plants and brickworks)
‣ non-ferrous metal industry (aluminium foundries)
‣ energy industry (thermal power plants, heating plants, biomass boilers)
‣ waste incineration plants
‣ glassworks
‣ chemical and petrochemical industry


We are a quality and specialised construction company. We are at home here and are ready to tackle any challenge, regardless of their complexity and with the same enthusiasm as if was our own. In order to ensure a smooth implementation of projects we use only the best tools available in the industry, and our processes are being constantly upgraded. When carrying out work we apply best practices and top techniques in order to ensure that the projects of our clients achieve their greatest potential.


We provide the following construction services:

‣ finishing works in construction
‣ adaptations, renovations and rehabilitations of buildings and apartments
‣ plastering
‣ painting services
‣ arranging courtyards and landscaping
‣ concrete works and construction of supporting walls
‣ rental and installation of scaffolding

We have the following machinery at our disposal:

‣ Yanmar excavator, 3.5 tonnes
‣ Bob Cat excavator, 1.5 tonnes
‣ Gehl loader
‣ Linde forklift
‣ Jungreich forklift
‣ Mercedes truck



Purchasing refractory and construction materials represents 65-70% of all the construction projects costs.  Since we have extensive experience in this arena, we can provide you with legal advice, so that you do not have to waste time with researching the price-quality ratio.  We will bring all the hidden costs to your attention and thus improve the overview of the project’s costs and the value for your money. We offer all types of refractory and construction materials of the top suppliers and are the right place for all your requirements in terms of all types of construction material. And we are of course specialised for refractory materials. At the request of our clients we can also prepare an offer for the manufacture of specialised prefabricated segments made of refractory materials of various dimensions, including drying, ready for installation.

We offer the following refractory materials:

‣ refractory bricks of various quality and formats
‣ insulation refractory concrete, compounds, adhesives and mortar
‣ insulation materials (asbestos strings, ceramic paper, ceramic wool, insulation plates, etc.)


Our company has been providing comprehensive cargo transport and accompanying logistics support since the start of its operations. You can expect a high level of safety, compliance with the requirements and transport efficiency from us. We honour our agreements, we are open and fair and consistently fulfil the wishes of our clients. All this with competitive prices and by taking into consideration the individual requirements of each and every client.

The company has the following vehicles for the transportation of people and goods at its disposal:

‣ Citroen Jumper van
‣ Citroen Jumper box van
‣ Opel Vivaro van
‣ Peugeot Boxer van
‣ Mercedes truck


We have a warehouse with a surface area of 2000 m2 and adjacent land with a surface area of 3000 m2, located in Jesenice. Due to the immediate vicinity of the motorway and railway as well as of Italy and Austria, the warehouse is convenient and suitable for storing and further distribution of your goods across Europe. We can take over your goods at the desired location, appropriately mark their type and size, store them and, upon request, even re-package them.  Various projects may also be implemented at the warehouse, according to the client’s requirements and needs. Refractory lining services are performed at the location, and completed projects may then be supplied in line with the customer’s requirements to the end buyer. This significantly lowers installation costs, since all additional expenses, arising due to installing the linings at another location or abroad, are eliminated.