Based in Jesenice, VIGO, d.o.o. was founded in 1993 as a company for foreign and domestic trade. Mr. Mlađen Peulja later joined the company and based on his professional qualifications and years of experience the company also registered additional activities – refractory works, construction and transport.

The core activity of the company is installation of REFRACTORIES. In this area we are technically and organisationally capable of meeting the requirements of clients for purposes of installing linings and supplying refractory materials of all types of industrial furnaces. In cooperation with domestic and foreign renowned manufacturers of refractory materials we are achieving enviable results and providing professional consultancy and quality implementation of refractory works.

We offer comprehensive service to our clients, from designing, supplying materials to construction and maintenance. We provide technically and economically optimal solutions and consequently ensure an extended operating cycle of furnaces. In addition to the primary activity, we also offer other services, such as CONSTRUCTION, RETAIL and TRANSPORT.

The company has excellent business references and has been receiving excellent credit ratings since the very beginning. In all its years of operation the company has been profitable and has been self-financing all its projects. All financial liabilities are regularly settled and we are known for being a socially responsible company.

Our professional, qualified employees have years of experience in installing and maintaining linings in industrial furnaces and other heating aggregates. We carry out our work applying the latest technology, in our range of materials as well as in their installation. We supply materials of all the top manufacturers.

Not even sudden shut-downs catch us by surprise, since we always have a sufficient amount of necessary material on stock, in addition to tools and personnel qualified for resolving emergency situations. We are cooperating with various project offices and we are thus also able to prepare project documentation for the implementation of a new project or for overhauling your current refractory linings. We are also closely cooperating with engineering services and are overseeing the installation.


With our activity we are present mainly in the following areas:

‣ steel industry
‣ cement plants
‣ aluminium foundries
‣ chemical industry
‣ energy and power industry
‣ wood-processing industry
‣ construction industry
‣ energy industry – biomass boilers

We install linings, and maintain and repair the following heating aggregates:

‣ muffle furnaces
‣ normalising furnaces
‣ dosing furnaces
‣ annealing furnaces
‣ forging furnaces
‣ chamber furnaces
‣ ladle furnaces
‣ rotary kilns
‣ drying apparatus in the wood-processing industry
‣ tunnel kilns
‣ soaking pit furnaces
‣ biomass boilers

Vigo, d.o.o., Jesenice is a privately owned independent company employing 20+ people.

Operating on the domestic and foreign market